Brad Paisley’s Twitter ‘Rebellion’ Against Label is Hilarious

You’ll quickly figure out that Brad Paisley is my favorite person on the planet.

Ever since he became a member of the expert panel on ABC’s “Rising Star,” Brad’s become a lot more active on Twitter. It’s great, because the corny sense of humor — one of several things we have in common — he laces into his music is almost better in 140 characters.

Brad’s got his 11th studio album, Moonshine in the Trunk, coming out Aug. 26. He decided Saturday night that he wanted to post a teaser mix of the album. Of course, he didn’t ask his record label, Sony’s Arista Nashville.

I didn’t bother displaying the YouTube video to which Brad linked, because the label found out and restricted it. That’s when the fun began.

So that was a fun Saturday night. But Brad wasn’t finished. Sunday rolled around and he wanted to toy with some more suits.

He decided to leak the first verse from Moonshine‘s opening track, “Crushin’ It.” As you can guess by the fact that I’m not displaying the YouTube video, it soon came down.

So after a few hours of TV responsibilities, Brad returned to what he hilariously called “the rebellion.”

Shucks, looks like Brad finally conceded. … But actually, that’s an awfully carefully worded email. He had one last trick up his sleeve, with the help of “Rising Star” co-expert Ludacris.

And so ended Brad’s immensely victorious Twitter weekend. Now he’ll have to deal with the week.

UPDATE (July 30, 10:30 p.m.): Brad’s kept at it … and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In addition to Ludacris, he’s enlisted the help of People Magazine, Dave Ramsey of the New York Times, Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip to keep the Moonshine flowing.

Now, either the boss is in on the stunt or Brad’s just letting it rip. (Let’s be honest, what’s the label going to do to one of its biggest stars for promoting his own album?) Alas, his first shot at leaking the album’s title track didn’t last long.

Even if this has been staged the whole time — or has become staged since the label has realized how much run this is getting — it’s still awesome. More to come!

What do you think?