The Animated Grinch Is 1,000 Times Better Than Its Remake

I just want to make sure we’re clear on this.

I was brought up in a household that held “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” — yes, the original animated version released in 1966 — as sacred during the Christmas season. I’m glad my dad made sure I watched this several times a year throughout my formative years so that I couldn’t be corrupted by the 2000 live-action remake with Jim Carrey.

That’s not to say Carrey’s version was bad or anything, because it was OK. But there will never be a live-action remake of an animated Christmas special that will ever be as good as the original. Ever.

I change my laptop’s desktop to a still from the Grinch. Same with the wallpaper on my phone. The Grinch song — yes, I still know all six verses by heart — is the ringtone on my phone during December. And yes, it’s the version from the animated special. The remake of the song in the 2000 movie was embarrassing.

The animation is perfect. Max looks so cute. The orgasm of colors when the Grinch finds “the strength of 10 Grinches — PLUS TWO” and pulls the sled off the top of Mount Crumpet is always the happiest moment of my Christmas season. I still want to play a game of billiards with ornaments in my living room. The Whos are all happier and more innocent looking when they’re not real people.

Just wanted to make sure we’re clear. Here’s the whole half-hour if you’d like to watch it on my account. Merry Christmas!

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