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Favorite Country Albums of 2014

Country music has been in a bad place the last few years. Somebody decided it would be a good idea to ruin country radio by doing a few things, including:

  • Turning country radio into a pretty bad hip-hop scene
  • Pushing all songs even vaguely about hooking up with a girl in a truck all the way to the top of the now-meaningless charts
  • Playing actually good songs so little that it’s useless to turn on the radio
  • Choosing tracks — mostly of the Luke Bryan variety — that actually make me get out of the shower because I can’t stand the radio being on any longer

Anyhow, I don’t listen to the radio very much anymore. But I do still seek out excellent albums from some of my favorite artists. Luckily, 2014 has been a good year for good albums. Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order … yet).

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Brad Paisley’s Twitter ‘Rebellion’ Against Label is Hilarious

You’ll quickly figure out that Brad Paisley is my favorite person on the planet.

Ever since he became a member of the expert panel on ABC’s “Rising Star,” Brad’s become a lot more active on Twitter. It’s great, because the corny sense of humor — one of several things we have in common — he laces into his music is almost better in 140 characters.

Brad’s got his 11th studio album, Moonshine in the Trunk, coming out Aug. 26. He decided Saturday night that he wanted to post a teaser mix of the album. Of course, he didn’t ask his record label, Sony’s Arista Nashville.

I didn’t bother displaying the YouTube video to which Brad linked, because the label found out and restricted it. That’s when the fun began. Continue reading Brad Paisley’s Twitter ‘Rebellion’ Against Label is Hilarious

What to Expect on My Blog

This is my first foray into a personal blog of sorts, so as things start to get fired up around here I’m sure I’ll figure it out. But here’s what I see happening as I go forward.

I’ve got three categories of my blog — country music, sports and sweet nothings. (Pardon the last of the three. I wasn’t about to leave it as “uncategorized” or “miscellaneous.”) The first two topics are things about which I think I have some deal of expertise, so I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts on them.

There won’t be any breaking news around here. It really pisses me off when some bloggers pretend to be actually reporting facts. I know nobody is going to be reading my blog for the latest news, and I know I’m not on the ground reporting anything. I might base a post on some current news, but it’ll devolve quickly into opinion. Why? BECAUSE I ONLY HAVE TO ANSWER TO ME.

I didn’t mean to yell at you. Sorry.

I imagine I’ll be snarky and sarcastic and borderline funny. I’ll probably write as though I’m expecting nobody to read my posts, and that’s usually when my best work comes. It’s like a weird diary for millennials.

As for the specifics as to what’s going to happen in these pages, I don’t really know. I haven’t decided if I want to do album or single reviews in my country music blog, and I have no idea what I’ll write about in the already over-saturated world of sports blogging. Whatever. I’ll figure it out eventually.

And please, comment away. It’ll get lonely here without you.