This little area is the reason my website exists in the first place. You’ll find my best work — at least, what I think is my best — displayed on these pages.

I encourage you to check out the individual pages — print, play-by-play, video and graphics —  to see the breadth and depth of what I’ve produced so far in my career. For starters, though, here are some highlights from each category.


I’ve written at least 1,500 articles — not even counting blog posts — so far in my career, but I’ve sifted through all of them to pick a few award-winning pieces to showcase. Here’s one column, one feature and one news story.


I’m currently the voice of Naugatuck Valley League high school football on WATR-AM in Waterbury, Conn. Here’s a clip from a Sept. 20, 2013, game between Naugatuck and Wolcott. Naugatuck earned a 42-36 overtime victory in the first game played on its new home turf with its new head coach.


Print journalists can’t just be print journalists anymore, so my career as a broadcast major at Quinnipiac University gave me a great foundation for video production. Here’s my résumé reel, which is a compilation of video packages — most of which accompanied stories I wrote for the Citizen’s News — and anchoring.


I’ll be happy to break the journalistic anti-cliché rule by delivering one: A picture’s worth a thousand words! (To be clear, that’s usually an overestimate.) Anyway, I like taking on the extra challenge of putting the crux of a story into a snazzy graphic. Each story demands a different sort of highlight, so no graphic is ever the same. Here are just two examples.