Public Relations

I’ve followed in the footsteps laid by my family and am an active social member of Beacon Hose Co. No. 1, the all-volunteer fire department of Beacon Falls, Conn. — my lifelong hometown.

I’m Beacon Hose’s social media director, which means I’m in charge of promoting our department and its activities via Facebook and our website. (Yeah, the website looks a lot like mine. Why fix what isn’t broken, right?) I’ve integrated the use of storytelling, photos, graphics and videos to make our department more interactive and reachable.

In the first year after I took over the Facebook page, we increased our following by 300 percent and experienced tangibly warm feedback from our community and fellow fire departments. We use the Facebook page to relay emergency updates, promote fundraisers, and keep both the community and our members in the loop of our latest news.

Below are a few examples of my promotional work for Beacon Hose.



The following graphic was used to promote Beacon Hose’s annual carnival, which is the department’s biggest fundraiser each year.

beacon-hose-carnival-15 FLYER


The following videos were used as part of a promotional series displayed during our annual carnival and on our social media platforms.

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